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get packing

Here’s some ideas to get your glamping adventure started…

• Sunscreen
• Light-colored, long sleeve shirt
• Wide-brimmed hat
• Water bottle
• Lip balm
• Moisturizer
• Bug spray
• Closed-toed, hard-soled shoes
• Long pants
• Jacket / sweater
• Warm layers
• Snacks / food
• Flashlight / headlamp
• Backpack
• Sleeping bag / extra blankets (if you get cold easily)

weather outlook*

mostly beautiful. sometimes unpredictable.

The Santa Fe area typically enjoys about 325 days of sunshine per year.  Desert temperatures can change drastically in any given day, so be prepared for both hot and cold weather.  Typically the mornings and evenings are cooler temperatures with warmer weather mid-day, but ultimately it all depends on weather patterns and storm systems regardless of season.

month jan feb mar apr may june july aug sept oct nov dec
avg 2022 temps
high / low
41° / 24° 45° / 26° 55° / 34° 63° / 39° 72° / 46° 84° / 57° 85° / 62° 83° / 61° 78° / 55° 65° / 43° 53° / 32° 42° / 24°
2022 actual
highest / lowest
54° / 10° 57° / -1° 72° / 15° 76° / 25° 87° / 32° 95° / 50° 96° / 55° 88° / 53° 89° / 48° 75° / 26° 66° / 17° 54° / 8°


The warmest months are typically June, July, and August, which also fall within monsoon season when thunderstorms can quickly pass through the area. The average date of last frost is May 1 and average first frost is October 10. Winters are mild with occasional snow fall typically between November and April.

*Please note that we are not meteorologists or predictors of the future. We have done our best to compile helpful information compiled from reputable online resources. The data provided is to serve as a starting place for your own research surrounding your stay.


Below we’ve compiled information that we think you will find relevant to planning your stay. If you have further questions, please ask our team!

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KitFox is located on 160 acres in the Galisteo Basin Preserve, a conservation-based community development located 14 miles south of Santa Fe, New Mexico. To ensure the grounds remain in their natural state, KitFox guests are required to abide by standard outdoorsman ethics resulting in minimal impact to the land and showing respect to the community. By doing our part, we all ensure that this special place is both enjoyable today and continues to exist for generations to come.


The Galisteo Basin Preserve is filled with plants that are native to New Mexico’s high desert terrain, including many different variations of cacti and shrubs. While there are designated pathways to/from the glamp sites, we recommend wearing protective close-toed shoes or boots and long pants for extra protection.


Santa Fe is the highest state capital in the United States, located at 7,199 feet above sea level. Due to the high elevation and dry climate, the sun can be extremely strong during the afternoon hours and evening temperatures may fall drastically, even on warmer days.*

We recommend packing a long-sleeved top, wide brimmed hat, and sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun and packing warmer clothes (and extra blankets or sleeping bag if you wish) for the evening and early morning.  Although the weather is most often pleasant, high winds, lighting storms, monsoons, and other extreme weather is possible.

To get a quick idea of the average temperatures in any given month, see our WEATHER OVERVIEW TABLE .

*Given the off-grid nature of the facilities, air conditioners and heaters are not currently available.  Portable heating units are not permitted for safety reasons.


The Galisteo Basin Preserve is home to incredible desert wildlife, including a variety of birds, lizards, coyotes, rattlesnakes, centipedes, spiders, and other potentially harmful creatures. For the safety of you and your guests, we ask that you be sure to wear appropriate clothing and footwear, stay on the designated trails, and fully zip up your tent (to prevent critters from making their way inside).  And most of all, be prepared by educating yourself about desert survival skills and staying aware of your surroundings.

Curious what we’ve seen the most and least frequently on site?  Coyotes and a variety of birds are a part of daily life at KitFox, whereas rattle snakes and tarantulas on the other hand have been seen about once per year.


If you would like to bring your dog to KitFox, please book one of our pet-friendly tents*, which will include accommodations for you and your pet. We allow a maximum of one dog per tent and ask that all pets remain on a leash when on the grounds.**  From cactus prickers and heat, to insects and coyotes, it is worth noting that a desert environment can be harsh on even the most resilient of pets. Please see our list of nearby PET HOTELS if you think your pet would prefer to opt out of your desert adventure.

*First select one of our pet-friendly tent units AND then select the “pet package” add-on option.

** Our full pet policy can be reviewed during the checkout process.


Glamping tents are outfitted with beds to accommodate up to two guests, with the option to add a premium cot with bedding to any of our queen units to provide an alternate sleeping arrangement.*  Your tent will be filled with essential amenities such as cozy bedding, seating options, a lantern, purified water dispenser with cups and bottle cap opener, and optional cooler with ice.** Oversize shower wipesmakeup remover wipes, and ear plugs provided in each tent.

Enjoy complimentary indoor and outdoor games, campfires, night sky gazing, and a large communal lounge tent with children’s play area, lounge seating, and the KitFox general store.***

*First select a standard queen unit AND then select the “cot package” add-on option.

** Available as an add-on to any unit type during the check-out process.

*** Telescope available upon request. Subject to availability, weather and sky conditions, and ultimately offered at staff discretion.


Similar to most camping experiences, KitFox is off-grid with limited to no cell phone service* and wifi.  KitFox provides LED lanterns, solar lights, and USB phone charging packs for guests during their stay. We encourage guests to bring headlamps and flashlights if desired.

The site features a solar-powered bathroom tent, including 6-stalls with two waterless urinals, four flushing toilets, two hot showers, and six hand washing sinks.  During the warmer months, we offer an outdoor shower with 2-stalls.

*In our experience, Verizon seems to be the most consistent and available cell provider in the area. Service by most carriers can be found a short 5-10 minute drive into the El Dorado area. Additionally, a nearby cell tower has recently been installed, which could result in a broader area coverage (to be determined in the 2023 season). 


The road and parking lot is suitable for 2-wheel drive vehicles and shuttle vans.  The parking lot has one (1) ADA-compliant parking spot and aisle.  It is important to note that outside of the parking lot, the environment is primarily in its natural wild state and most areas are not conducive to wheelchair access.  If you have special access needs, our staff is happy to discuss the site and will provide assistance to accommodate your needs whenever possible.  Motorized vehicles are not permitted outside of the parking lot area with the exception of motorized personal mobility vehicles for use on existing pathways.


To keep our impact on the land to a minimal, our parking lot is limited to one parking spot per lodging unit reservation.

Due to limited parking, KitFox facilities are reserved for our registered guests only. We ask that if any non-registered guests wish to explore the Galisteo Basin Preserve, that you meet them at one of the nearby TRAILHEAD OPTIONS.


We encourage you to bring as many snacks, food, and beverages as you like for your stay. We kindly ask that you refrain from single-use plastics and opt for compostable or reusable containers and utensils when possible. Please use caution with any glass containers, and properly discard any waste in accordance with standard wilderness ethics. We offer an optional personal cooler with ice* to store any food or drink items you may wish to bring on site.

*Select the “cooler with ice” add-on during the check-out process.  The queen and double twin units offer a 20 quart cooler option while the king unit offers a 54 quart cooler.


For any Saturday stay, an optional DINE IN THE WILD EXPERIENCE provided by Dig & Serve is available as an add-on during the reservation process.  If you have already booked your stay, please review your booking confirmation to see what is included in your stay at KitFox.  If you have yet to book, please explore our BOOKING PAGE to select an upcoming weekend package with dining.

For other meal options to enjoy while exploring New Mexico, we have provided a great list of popular LOCAL DINING EXPERIENCES.  Cooking by guests is not permitted on site, however, our LOCAL FINDS PAGE provides info for a nearby picnic park with cooking facilities.  Takeout from the nearby town of El Dorado or prepared picnic-style fare are other popular options amongst our guests.

If you wish to bring s’mores, there are two communal fire pits on site where they may be enjoyed, weather permitting.

Morning french press coffee or loose leaf tea available as an add-on during check-in, and included as part of the Dig & Serve dining package.


When you arrive, please check in with the camp host to receive your tent number and padlock with key. Check in is no earlier than 3pm and no later than 7pm*.  If you need to arrive outside of these office hours, please contact us so we can make special arrangements for you. Upon arrival, all guests must individually sign a Release form, and a parent or guardian must sign for any minors on premise.

*Please check your confirmation email for the exact check-in time associated with your reservation package.


Please check out with the camp host before leaving KitFox. Check-out hours are between 8am and 10am*. If you need to depart outside of these office hours, please contact us so we can make special arrangements for you.  Return your padlock and key upon checkout to avoid a re-keying fee. Upon inspection by staff, any incidental charges, damages, or missing items will be charged to the card on file.

*Please check your confirmation email for the exact check-out time associated with your reservation package.


Quiet hours at the Galisteo Basin Preserve are 10:00 PM* until sunrise. At all hours, we ask that you be mindful of the inherent peace and calm that a natural setting can provide wildlife and other guests.  For the comfort and consideration of all guests, absolutely no amplified music or speakers are permitted (except for private buyouts with advance written permission).  We ask that you please be respectful of other guests and the surrounding neighbors in accordance with KitFox LLC’s Code of Conduct.

*Guests often enjoy their glamping experience long into the evening hours, which is encouraged as the night skies and fireside activities are wonderful. Past the 10PM hour, we only ask that you respect others who may want to turn in early and be considerate of your volume level.


We recommend zipping up doors and flaps any time you leave your tent unattended to keep the space clean and free of bugs, reptiles, and snakes. We will also provide you with a padlock to lock your tent when leaving it unattended for extended periods of time. We are not responsible for any lost or stolen property or weather related damages so please take any items of value with you when leaving an area.


Due to limited capacity and advance preparations required to create an off-grid experience of this nature, we require payment in full at the time of your booking to confirm and hold your reservation. Payments are non-refundable and KitFox has no obligation to issue refunds, however if you are unable to attend, we are happy to facilitate a transfer when possible.  Please provide as much notice as possible in the event you are requesting a bookings modification.

For more details on requesting a bookings modification, click the link from your reservation confirmation email and then scroll down to find the Cancellation Policy link on the booking platform. 


In the unlikely event that severe weather or other circumstances outside of our control are a concern, KitFox reserves the right to close the facility. No refund will be given if we deem opening KitFox is unsafe to guests and employees. In most circumstances, alternative dates will be offered and your payment will be transferred to the new date.


For booking flights from neighboring states, the Santa Fe Regional Airport is only 26 miles from KitFox and has limited daily options for travel; airport expansion has been announced, so further options are likely on the horizon. If you are looking for more travel options, the Albuquerque International Sunport is 75 miles away and offers a wider variety of flight options throughout the U.S. and beyond. The Taos Regional Airport is 102 miles from KitFox.


Our pricing varies depending on a handful of factors.  Seasonal demand, custom requests, and special events are a few of the common variables that impact the bottom line.  From a simple night stay or event package to a venue buyout or offsite excursion, we do our best to offer a variety of accommodation options to fit a wide range of budgets.  We love to accommodate needs and requests whenever possible, so please let us know if you have special circumstances to consider.  And if you’re a local, keep an eye out for NM resident specials.

Want to know what goes into creating a glamping experience? Check out what happens BEHIND THE SCENES.

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The KitFox team is not expert in all of the topics of information provided on this page, rather, we have combined field experience with information researched online from multiple sources to serve as a reference for your convenience.  We recommend that you do personal research outside of the information provided here. 

This content is provided as a courtesy only.  Please use your own discretion when planning activities during and surrounding your stay at KitFox.